A Labour-led coalition government looks boldly to the future...

NZ Election Result:

Simon Wilson does a little dreaming, because why not? I’m looking forward to the world celebrating our new prime minister – because what a magnificent thing for us to be known for. I’m looking forward to all the interthings – the intergenerations and genders and ethnicities and urban/provincialities and all the rest – that the combined party leaderships of the new government represent, because our government suddenly looks a lot more like all of us. I’m looking forward to climate change being taken seriously, with good strong targets and a unified, inclusive, nationwide approach to meeting them. I’m looking forward to a more evolved form of MMP government, one that shows us more of the empowering possibilities of our chosen form of democracy. I’m looking forward to the prime minister stretching out her hand, palm up, the way she did to Mark Richardson on the AM Show, only this time she’ll do it to Donald Trump. At APEC.…

Susan Clark: The 5G Conspiracy, Radiofrequency, Radiation and Eco-Genocide...

Susan Clark interviews
While we distract ourselves with Facebook or mindless television and damage our health with nutrient deficient foods, the elite have been carefully crafting a full spectrum attack.   Indeed, a war is raging and we find ourselves in a fight for our lives as an eco-genocide aims to depopulate the planet by depleting us of nourishment and bathing us in harmful radio-microwave frequency rays known to do damage down to microscopic levels.   Fortunately, today’s guest, Susan Clark, has dedicated years to studying radio-frequency radiation bio-effects during her time spent as a research assistant for Harvard Medical School, and today, she joins The Higherside to help us understand these ongoing projects against the people. A few valuable resources from the interview:   Susan Clark on “Sage of Quay”:…   Bill Gates’ 2010 Ted Talk “Innovation to Zero” where he mentions population reduction:…   Nat…

Why smartphones will become extinct in a few years...

Will become extinct like the Dodo

The world is changing, and it's all about your voice. In my house, there are voicebots everywhere. In the kitchen, I use Google Home speaker to ask about recipes and the weather. In my office, there's an Amazon Echo connected to a high-end stereo, which I use to control my music collection by voice. You'd think that would be enough, except that I have another Echo Dot in my family room, and another Echo in an upstairs room. In my car, I'm constantly talking to Siri and the Google Assistant. Where will it end? More importantly--when will it end?

Pettersons of Banks Peninsula: A history of the Petterson Family in New Zealand since 1873

The Urewera raids remembered by the Tuhoe community ten years on...


"In 2014, Police Commissioner Mike Bush travelled to the Tūhoe community, and while not prepared to apologise for the investigation itself, he did express regret for the way police acted. "Especially in respect to searches and detaining people that were unlawful, so we have apologised for that. Also just in the way we actually treated people with disrespect, particularly the innocent people, the young people - the tamariki and mokopuna," he said at the time. Mr Teepa said he appreciated the police had tried hard to make amends, but his whānau didn't want an apology. "We didn't want them in the home and we didn't want to meet with them, we didn't want to be part of what I cynically see as a public relations exercise where they were coming to seek forgiveness from Tūhoe. "I don't know why they had to make such a big song and dance out of something that could've been a private affair," Mr Teepa said."

Since the raids, n…

NZ election limbo hangs on Peter's whims


Who will Winny go with? We will know one way or the other on Thursday
New Zealand's MMP system badly needs some adjustment or amendment.